Gosport residents' anger over ‘half a bush’ Christmas tree

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GOSPORT residents have slammed the council over its ‘pitiful’ Christmas tree after it was erected in the town centre. 

When the tree was put in place last week, the top section was missing with residents taking to the Gosport Aware Facebook forum to express their disappointment.

The original Christmas tree which the council said was 'damaged in transit'. Picture: Kim Fuller

The original Christmas tree which the council said was 'damaged in transit'. Picture: Kim Fuller

One person on the page commented: 'That’s a horrible looking tree', while others added: ‘Seriously what is that – it looks bloody awful' and ‘ooh, a Christmas shrub.’

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Underwhelmed residents posted photographs and joked about the tree on the Gosport Facebook page.

One person commented: 'It’s like me, short and stubby. I quite like it - no ones perfect' while another added: 'Hope they only paid half the price.’

Gosport's new Christmas tree.

Gosport's new Christmas tree.

The council have now replaced the tree, citing ‘damage in transit’ as the reason for the incomplete spruce.

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A Gosport Borough Council spokesman said: 'The 30ft tree was damaged in transit to Gosport and lost the top three or four feet. It was put in place late last Thursday November 21 to see if could be pruned into shape.

‘This wasn't possible so it was replaced the next day, Friday November 22, with a 32ft tree.’

The council also said it has spent £38,400 on Christmas decorations, more than the £31,000 spent last year.

Despite the criticism some residents were more understanding of the council’s plight with one person on the Facebook group commenting the tree was ‘damaged in transit and has been replaced - some people are never satisfied’.