Heartache as puppies die and fall ill - and new owners learn it’s because they’ve been sold too young

Barney, who belongs to the Bingham family and who was sold younger than is legally allowed. He became very ill but has recovered Picture: Vernon Nash

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TWO families are backing a potential government ban on third party puppy sales after they were left devastated when their new pets fell ill – and in one case died.

The McDermotts and the Binghams both bought golden labradors from a private seller in Knowle but within a few days both dogs were ill.

Barney goes exploring  Picture: Vernon Nash

Barney goes exploring Picture: Vernon Nash

Tanya McDermott from Gosport said: ‘When we first brought May home she had an upset tummy but we thought it was normal and down to stress of moving but the next morning we knew something was not right.’

Tanya and her husband John took May to Whiteley Village Vets to be looked over.

Tanya said: ‘The vet told us this puppy should not have been sold as she was too young.’

Tanya’s puppy May died several days after they purchased her and the family was devastated.

The Bingham family - Louis, 10, Kevin, Daisy, 15, Sophie with Barney the puppy Picture: Vernon Nash

The Bingham family - Louis, 10, Kevin, Daisy, 15, Sophie with Barney the puppy Picture: Vernon Nash

She said: ‘We are angry that this person thought it was okay to lie to us, but it isn’t just us as there another nine puppies out there and we know one of them has got treatment but for the other eight we just hope it is not too late for them.’

Kevin Bingham and his wife Sophie, who run Restaurant 27 in Southsea, also bought a puppy from Knowle Village and ended up taking their dog, Barney to the same vets as the McDermotts after he became ill.

Kevin, 47, said: ‘When we got Barney home we realised he was quite unwell and had some stomach issues and was not eating properly.

‘We took him to the vets and it turned out he was four weeks old rather than two months old so we were feeding him and treating him for a two-month-old.’

Tanya McDermott whose puppy May died Picture: Vernon Nash

Tanya McDermott whose puppy May died Picture: Vernon Nash

Kevin, his wife Sophie and two children Daisy, 15, and Louis, 10, nursed Barney back to health and he is now on the way to being a normal puppy.

Kevin added: ‘The fact that we were lied to is very disappointing and it is the kids’ feelings at stake and ultimately the dog’s welfare.

‘We were disappointed that we put our trust into someone and we are upset, saddened and angered by what this person has done.

Cara Golden from Whiteley Village Pets treated both puppies.

May, the puppy who died

May, the puppy who died

She said: ‘One puppy had been previously treated by VetsNow. Both were significantly under size for their reported age and breed.

‘Both were in poor health, thin and with significant parasite burden.

‘The puppies were given intensive care treatment, but despite our best efforts, we were unable to save one puppy. We regularly check the surviving puppy and he continues to thrive.’

The News attempted to contact the puppy seller but did not receive a reply.