How £1,000 could help give a new lease of life to these two amputees

Popsey and John
Popsey and John
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A CHANCE encounter could unite two amputees – giving the kindred spirits a new lease of life. 

Former soldier John Hopkinson and dog Popsey both suffered tragedy after losing a limb. 

John post amputation

John post amputation

But that shared bond could see them brought together – if £1,000 can be raised to pay for the four year-old English Pointer to be sent over from Turkey. 

The dog was found in a ‘horrendous state’ in 2016 with her left foot rotting and hanging off after she had been discarded onto the streets before being rescued. 

But despite the best efforts of vets, there was no option but to amputate her leg. 

Meanwhile Southsea-based John, 43, who served in the army for 18 years, was dealt a devastating blow when he fell four floors down a fire escape after it suddenly gave way while working last year.

Popsey Now

Popsey Now

Despite needing his lower left leg amputating, John believes divine intervention will see him united with Popsey after a chance meeting with a volunteer from dog charity The Pointer Rescue Service, which saved Popsey. 

He said: ‘Fate has brought us together. I was at Salisbury Hospital about to have another operation when I was sat outside and started talking to a lady from the charity, who told me about Popsey. I’m now counting down the days until I can see her.

‘Popsey will know what I’m going through and vice versa. When I’m having a bad day she will be there for me and I’ll be there for her.’

Charity volunteer Liz Gee said: ‘Popsey was in a horrendous state. She came to our attention after a post was put out on Facebook but nobody wanted her. She is now very happy and able to run.’

Nearly £600 has been raised but £1,000 is needed to pay for travel costs, vaccinations and Popsey’s care until January when hopefully she will be united with John.

Secretary of the longest running UK Pointers charity, Carol Goodliffe, added: ‘I believe the right dog and right person will be united.’

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