‘It was disgusting’ - Diner finds ‘human tooth’ inside McDonald’s chip

The 'tooth' in the McDonald's chip Picture: Danielle Bailey
The 'tooth' in the McDonald's chip Picture: Danielle Bailey
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A CUSTOMER found an unexpected addition to their burger and fries during a visit to a chain restaurant.

Danielle Bailey was left ‘disgusted’ after finding a ‘tooth’ in her chips on a visit to McDonald’s.

Danielle Bailey

Danielle Bailey

The 29-year-old said: ‘I had ordered a quarter pounder meal with chips and a drink and while eating I noticed something glistening in the chip I had picked up.’

Danielle visited the restaurant in Waterlooville with friends

She said: ‘I opened it and at first I thought it was a stone but then I realised was what looked like the inside of the crown of a tooth.’

Danielle took the chip to the manager who told her it would be sent for testing.

She said: ‘I thought it was disgusting and the manager did not seem to care and did not offer me a refund or a replacement meal at the time.’

After ringing McDonald’s head office the same day, Danielle was told the tooth would be tested and an investigation would take place.

Danielle said: ‘I then received £15 of vouchers but I had been given no evidence that there was an investigation and for me I don’t think they have taken it seriously enough.

‘This could be a health and safety risk in their factory and this could be in someone else’s food as well.

‘I just wanted people to know what could be in their food.’

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: ‘We were sorry to hear about this customer’s experience and launched an investigation as soon as we were made aware.

‘Food safety is of the utmost importance to us and we place great emphasis on quality control and follow rigorous standards to avoid any imperfections.

‘Having been examined and due to production methods of our fries, we do not believe this to have been a tooth.’

In response Danielle said: ‘It does not sound like they have tested it and for them to say they don’t believe it was, is not really good enough.

‘Even if it was not a tooth perhaps a stone, it should not have been in my fries.’