Mum thanks '˜kind' John Lewis staff who helped daughter after seizure

A MOTHER says she is '˜incredibly grateful' to staff in the Southsea branch of John Lewis, after they came to the aid of her daughter following an epileptic seizure that sent her falling through some shelves.

Saturday, 24th November 2018, 1:59 pm
Updated Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 4:55 pm
Gillian Price with Neil Vallender, section manager at Knight & Lee in Southsea. Picture: Sarah Standing

Gillian Price, 78 from Portchester, was out shopping with her daughter, Emma, on Saturday when she had an epileptic fit in the store.

The pair were looking at the range of home furnishings in the shop when Emma, 47, had the seizure '“ falling through the shelves behind her, sending crockery crashing to the ground.

But Gillian has praised the staff who rushed to help her, staying to look after her for more than half an hour and even walking the pair back to the bus stop when Emma had recovered from her fall.

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Gillian Price with Neil Vallender, section manager at Knight & Lee in Southsea. Picture: Sarah Standing

Mrs Price says she was '˜very worried' about her daughter when she collapsed.

She said: '˜Emma and I had gone in to look for a clock for her '“ she wanted to find a retro-style one.

'˜I was talking to her while looking at the clocks and I just heard this almighty crash behind me; she'd had a seizure and smashed through everything on her way down.

'˜The way she fell I was very worried about her '“ she could have cut herself on the china as it smashed.'

Mrs Price says that the pair were fortunate to be in a store with such caring staff members.

She explained: '˜They were incredibly busy that day, but three of them came to look after my daughter.

'˜There was one man called Neil and a couple of first aiders '“ and they did absolutely everything they could for us.

'˜We were incredibly frightened and we felt awful about the china and shelves, but they told us not to worry about that and did so much to reassure us that things were okay.

'˜They stayed with us for about 30 minutes, got a chair for Emma and took us back to the bus stop afterwards.

'˜It was just incredible how kind they were and I cannot thank them enough for that.'

Department manager Matthew Webley said: '˜We were all relieved that Ms Price did not hurt herself and that Neil was able to assist her.

'˜He did a brilliant job and we really appreciate Gillian's kind words.'