Operation appeal launched for '˜adorable' Portsmouth puppy with eye problems

RESCUERS have launched a fundraising appeal in a bid to give an '˜adorable' puppy the gift of sight.Â

Friday, 27th July 2018, 10:01 am
Updated Friday, 27th July 2018, 10:04 am
Alfie the puppy, who has eye defects, during a recent visit to the specialist. Picture: Erica Grimes

German shepherd Alfie was the only dog from a litter of six left unwanted after he was born to a breeder in Wiltshire seven months ago. 

His previous owners gave him up after it emerged he had been born with defects in both of his eyes, causing them to be '˜way too small' '“ with cataracts in both. 

However, rescuers are hoping Alfie '“ who has been taken on by a Portsmouth foster family '“ could see the world properly for the first time if the cataracts are removed by a specialist. 

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Erica Grimes is a director of German Shepherd Rescue South, which has a base in Portchester, and is on a mission to fundraise £4,000 for the operation. 

Describing little Alfie's rough start in life, Erica said: '˜Alfie's five brothers and sisters were rehomed, but because of his eye defects nobody wanted him. As a result, he has spent five months in a kennel on his own.

'˜He is absolutely lovely, but he is very nervous and although the specialist was not able to say exactly, as far as we know he has had very poor vision since the day he was born. 

'˜Even when he first went into his foster home he was bumping into a few things.' 

But Alfie, who Erica has dubbed a '˜dear little boy', has a '˜right' to treatment '“ and the public could be his saving grace. 

'˜We take sight for granted, but Alfie has never had that luxury,' Erica said. 

'˜He could always have problems, but his retinas are intact so there is a strong possibility he could regain sight in both eyes with this operation. 

'˜Anyone, anywhere who is able to make a donation '“ and it doesn't matter how small '“ has the potential to make a huge impact.' 

So far, £410 of the £4,000 target has been raised, since Alfie's GoFundMe page was set up on Wednesday. 

And that, Erica says, is down to the good of the public which keeps '˜German Shepherd Rescue South afloat' as a registered charity.

She said: '˜We are a very small rescue that relies on donations from the public and gets no funding centrally '“ we see first-hand how people can make a difference in an animal's life. 

'˜They are of paramount importance and we wouldn't have existed for the past 10 years without their support.' 

If you would like to donate to Alfie's GoFundMe page, dubbed '˜Alfie's Fight for Sight', please visit gofundme.com/alfies-eye-operation