Out in force for our Star Wars-themed church service

Music from Star Wars and cream pie splatting isn't what you would expect '˜church' to sound or look like but that's exactly what happened at a special event for families in Warsash.

Thursday, 28th January 2016, 6:01 am
FAMILY FUN Carla, Marek, Christian and Eva Foltys at the indoor picnic

Around 80 people, including children and adults, came to St Mary’s Church for Crazy Church, so-called because it was a bit crazy!

Our theme was light and darkness.

We wanted to show how the light of Jesus is so powerful that it can overcome even the deepest darkness in our broken world.

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We had a small team of ‘darkness’ who came on to the music of Darth Vader from Star Wars.

They were the baddies, or those who could not see, or those who were temporarily blind, by which I mean they were blinded by having a cream pie in their face!

All of the ‘darkness’ meant that they were blind to God and weren’t willing or able to see him.

Then we had a small team of light who were all light-emitting objects and we asked which one of them was most like Jesus.

The camera flash which sees all detail? The candle which passes its light on wherever it goes?

The torch which can powerfully see ahead? Or the lighthouse which guides us away from rocks?

The main points were that light will always shine in the darkness, and Jesus is the Light of the World.

We then sang a couple of active worship songs, one of which was a dance, and the other with lots of actions to show how much God loves us.

We finished with a picnic tea.

Everyone brought their picnic blankets and some tea and we enjoyed an indoor picnic.

This was a one-off event, but all the people I spoke to afterwards said what a great service it had been – interactive and focused and fun for the children, as well as being quite short.

And they said they would love it to happen more regularly.

However, there will be other services with a difference happening in Hook with Warsash, so do look out for the adverts to see what’s coming next.

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