Portchester family gets the '˜perfect little gift' as baby is born on Christmas Day

'˜HE IS the perfect little gift' '“  these are the words of a proud mum who gave birth to her new baby boy on Christmas Day.

Wednesday, 26th December 2018, 12:36 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 10:54 am
Leiana Ellery (24) from Portchester, gave birth to her son Xander Ellery on Christmas Day at 3.01am weighing 8lb 10oz at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham. Picture: Sarah Standing (180887-4493)

Xander Ellery was born in Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham, at 3.01am weighing a healthy 8lb 10oz.

He was one of several tots born on Christmas Day much to the delight of families from across the area.

Xander's doting mum, Leiana, was thrilled by the new addition to her young family.

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Xander Ellery was born at 3.01am on Christmas Day weighing a healthy 8lb 10oz Picture: Sarah Standing (180887-4486)

The 24-year-old, of Portchester, said: '˜We definitely weren't expecting to have a Christmas baby '“ he was actually due on the 16th. But he is the perfect Christmas present.'

Leiana's labour was induced, something the second-time-mum was apprehensive of.

But she said the care she received at QA couldn't have been better and added: '˜This was all very new for me. I had never been over my due date  It was all a bit scary because I was waiting and just wondering.

'˜But the staff were really lovely, they were great.'

Leiana Ellery watches over her new son Xander Picture: Sarah Standing (180887-4471)

Leiana said her new son's birthday narrowly avoided clashing with other members of the family.

She said: '˜There were a couple of dates we were desperately trying to avoid '“ it was my brother's birthday on the 23rd and my husband's on the 24th.

'˜We were convinced Xander was going to come on one of their birthdays.'

The tot was given a warm welcome by his overjoyed older brother, Elijah, three, and dad, Adrian, 27 who both came in on Christmas morning to see him.

Leiana added: 'We surprised Elijah with his new baby brother. We didn't tell him Xander was born until he came into hospital. We wanted to surprise him.

'˜He went a little bit crazy he was so happy, he was very excited.'

Leiana added that although Xander is barely a couple of days old, he was already beginning to show his personality.

'˜He seems like a right boy,' she said. '˜He has got a bit of an attitude which I love.

'˜I'm just really looking forward to introducing him to the rest of the family.'