Portsmouth FC ‘Ladd’ lands himself in hot water after checking new season’s fixtures on teacher’s computer

A POMPEY ‘Ladd’ landed himself in hot water after pouncing onto a teacher's computer when his back was turned to check the newly released fixtures today.

Thursday, 20th June 2019, 7:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 20th June 2019, 7:20 pm
Ashley Ladd and his son Kieran Credit: Twitter

Eight-year-old Pompey fanatic Kieran Ladd was so desperate to find out who his beloved team would be playing in the upcoming season he did not think twice about jumping on the device – especially after his dad Ashley had told him to 'Google' who Portsmouth would be playing.

Shocked Ashley then received a call from his son's school in Gateshead, where they now live, letting him know of the foul play.

The bemused dad, 31, posted on Twitter: 'Getting a phone call from Kieran school because he used the teachers computer when he left the classroom to Google Pompey’s fixtures.'

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Ashley was pleased to report Kieran was not given his marching orders for the offence. He said: 'Kieran asked a teacher if he could use the computer for research and when the teacher went out the room he checked the new Pompey fixtures.

‘When the teacher came back in the room Kieran was told he should not have looked at the fixtures. I then got a phone call from the school saying “he’s playing up again”. I just laughed when they told me what happened. When I calmed down I told them I was sorry – because it was me who told him to Google the new fixtures.

‘They were a bit more understanding after that. It was just a silly spur of the moment thing. We're both Portsmouth through and through. I escaped school when I was a kid to watch Pompey so it must be in the blood.’

Meanwhile, Twitter users leapt to the defence of the boy. One said: 'Extra chips at teatime and a day off tomorrow as reward.'

Another said: 'You’re obviously doing a great job as a parent! The lad deserves extra pocket money in my opinion.'

Someone else added: 'Ash man your boy is a legend this has made my day up.'

Another Pompey fan said: 'That's a bit rash from the school it's only fixtures.'

During the thread, Ashley added: 'I call it a snowflake school. Any reason to moan mate.'