Portsmouth Fireworks: 27 fantastic pictures from Southsea Common's first event as families brave the weather

Fireworks fans braved the weather to enjoy a firework’s spectacular on Southsea Common last night.

High winds saw its sister event at Alexandra Park in Hilsea cancelled at the last moment. But the first event on the common still went ahead albeit without the planned live music, with those who went along only having to content with light showers.

The two smaller events were planned to take place simultaneously as a replacement for the traditional Cosham Bonfire and Fireworks event which can no longer be held on the King George V playing field as a result of the new football hub being built there.

Organisers Portsmouth City Council said it was pleased with the attendance at Southsea, and explained why there was no reserve date in place which would have allowed the event to have been postponed.

Portsmouth City Council Leader cllr Steve Pitt said: "The fireworks event at Southsea Common was well attended, despite the weather, and we were fortunate that the full display was able to take place, which was appreciated by the crowd.

"It is unfortunate that the fireworks planned at Alexandra Park had to be cancelled due to the high wind. We don't set specific reserve dates for the fireworks event as there are many factors to consider before rescheduling, including whether there is the budget available to fund an additional event. Being a popular time of year for fireworks events, many suppliers are booked for other events around this time and won't hold a reserve date without financial commitment. A reserve date was not set for the fireworks event last year, but we were able to work with suppliers to establish a new date once budget was allocated to cover the additional costs."

Pictures by Chris Moorhouse: