Spinnaker Tower lights up blue for terminally-ill baby boy Charlie Gard

The Spinnaker Tower lit up blue last night to highlight the ongoing case of terminally-ill baby boy Charlie Gard.

Staff decided to turn on the blue glow after hearing about the youngster’s heartbreaking case.

The 11-month-old tot is in the ‘terminal stages’ of a disease called mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome - and he is one of only 16 people to have ever had the condition.

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His desperate mum and dad have been unable to find a treatment in the UK for him, and doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital have said he should be able to die with dignity.

They have applied for permission to turn off his ventilator.

But Charlie’s parents and supporters have set up a fundraising campaign to pay for potentially life-saving treatment in the US.

Last night staff at the Spinnaker Tower tweeted: ‘The Tower will be lit blue tonight for @Fight4Charlie - our thoughts are with Charlie & his family at what is an unimaginably difficult time’.