Stubbington RSPCA comes to the rescue after cockerels are dumped in a cardboard box

A PAIR of adult cockerels have been saved from a tragic end to their lives.

Wednesday, 11th September 2019, 3:16 pm
The cockerels were found abandoned down a 'remote lane' last Sunday. Picture: RSPCA

The Stubbington Ark branch of the RSPCA has taken in a pair of cockerels after they were dumped in a cardboard box by the side of the road on Sunday, September 8.

Animal collection officer Katie Wood collected the birds from a remote lane between Nursling and Romsey before they were nursed back to health at the RSPCA shelter in Ranvilles Lane.

Now, Katie is calling for more awareness about the welfare needs of poultry as pets.

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‘Abandoning an animal is a callous thing to do, especially as these two were left beside a road,’ she said.

‘They were very vulnerable. Thankfully, they’re safe in our care until they are adopted, but it may take some time for a new home to come along.

‘Sadly, cockerels being abandoned is not uncommon, and at the RSPCA we often have a number in our care looking for new homes.

‘They can be difficult for us to find homes for as any new owners will need understanding neighbours who don’t mind the potential noise of cockerels crowing, and this can put people off from rehoming them.’

According to Katie, cockerels are rather docile animals, but it takes knowledge, time and commitment to look after them.

She said: ‘They have their own individual personalities and can be friendly and quite tame, so it’s really worth putting in time and patience to get more out of them and really enjoy them.’