Suicidal woman accuses housing provider of failing her after she is terrorised by homeless on doorstep

A WOMAN who was left ‘scared’ and ‘suicidal’ after being subjected to stalking, abuse and intimidation on her doorstep by homeless people has accused a housing provider of failing her.

Monday, 16th September 2019, 12:43 pm
Updated Monday, 30th September 2019, 8:37 pm
Homeless people outside Stacey Bicar's apartment in Kingston Road

Stacey Bicar fled her Kingston Road flat, in Milton, after fearing for her safety. But the 33-year-old’s misery has been compounded with housing association Vivid chasing through the courts her for £3,000 in outstanding rent.

The woman, who lived alone for most of the seven years she was in the apartment, revealed she was routinely terrorised, including having objects pelted at her and being subjected to vile abuse from those staying at nearby homeless residence Central Point shelter.

On one occasion a friend of Stacey’s was even threatened with a knife by individuals on her property.

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Homeless people outside Stacey Bicar's apartment in Kingston Road

Stacey said she was forced to move away after fearing for her life.

‘I had homeless people sitting on my window ledge most of the day,’ she said.

‘I had constant threats because I asked them to move. They followed me around the streets.

Homeless congregate outside Stacey Bicar's bedroom window in Kingston Road

‘I moved a friend into my home to protect me and his car wheels were slashed.

‘He was also threatened on my doorstep with a knife by two of the men.

‘It was a scary place to live on my own with a group of men surrounding my house at most points during the day.’

After being forced out of the property, Stacey was effectively paying two lots of rent after Vivid insisted she was still responsible.

‘I was suicidal when living at the home because I was scared and there was no help no matter how much I tried,’ she said. ‘Vivid just said it was for me to deal with. Now they want £3,000 to pay for rent in a home they should have made safe that I couldn’t live in.’

A county court judgment was made against Stacey in January for not paying her rent before she was evicted from the flat in February.

Jonathan Cowie, chief operating officer at Vivid, said: ‘Ms Bicar has not been a customer since February this year. We are following our normal procedures and hope she will engage with us to discuss this matter.’