WATCH: The birthday cake that explodes

A mum and daughter have reinvented the birthday celebration - creating cakes designed to be smashed into bits.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 25th October 2017, 12:58 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 9:20 am
The exploding cake
The exploding cake

A mum and daughter have reinvented the birthday celebration - creating cakes designed to be smashed into bits.

Amy Billington-Li, 32, and mum Karen Li, 54, have started making Boom Cakes - which are then smashed open with a rolling pin.

An alternative to a traditional celebration cake, each handmade masterpiece is made from a decorated chocolate dome filled with sweets and gummy treats - and is smashed open like a sugary pinata.

The exploding cake

Amy, from Leatherhead, Surrey, added: "We seem to be the first in the UK to make these.

"I spent some time living in Australia and were growing in popularity there, and I could also see they were picking up in America.

"I don't like cakes so I always look for other things to have, so I'm a chocolate junkie, and thought we have got to start making them.

"After a few failures, we finally got the recipe right and started making them for friends, family and it took off from there.

The exploding cake

"There's lots of families around where we live so they've been popular here, now we want to move into other areas."

The birthday boy or girl, and even brides and grooms, use a rolling pin to smash the cake open -revealing a "grazing table" of chunky chocolate shards and gummy sweats.

Since starting the company in around April, the pair have seen the cakes grow in popularity and for a range of celebrations.

Customers can choose from a selection of colourful designs including Unicorn, Big Bertha, Chocolate Lovers, Gender Reveal and Original or get a cake personalised if they are after something specific.

Mum Karen Li is a trained cake decorator and has made wedding cakes for many years and Amy is a PR company director and self-confessed chocolate junkie.

Amy added: "It's still early days, but it's going well. It's really fun and a unique thing people have not seen before. It's like a chocolate and sweet pinata.

"The cakes are unusual and they can smash them with whatever they find, then they jump in like a swarm, it's really funny. I like it when they go nuts.

"They make great pictures, people smash them and sweets fly everywhere.

"We didn't expect them to be so popular with weddings, but less traditional bride and grooms really like them."

Starting from £35 each, the cake is fully customisable with the customers' favourite sweets, chocolates or theme and can bu up to £50, with mini cakes just £6.