WATCH: Huge wave pushes beach hut 30ft across the shore at Hayling

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A video shows a beach hut being forced up the shoreline when it was hit by a powerful wave at Hayling Island.

The footage was captured by island resident Steve Smith as Storm Brian caused wild weather on Saturday afternoon.

A screenshot from Steve Smith's video

A screenshot from Steve Smith's video

The 59-year-old independent financial advisor said: 'I had gone to check on a hut owned by a friend who is on holiday and suddenly realised that a wave was going to take out one further along the beach.

'It was the second of two that sit out from the main line of huts and are closer to the sea.

'The wave just caught it and pushed it up the beach. Amazingly it spun and slotted right in in the corner next to the main line of huts with its door - which had been pointing along the beach - now lined up perfectly to face the sea just like its new neighbours!

'The hut must have been moved 30ft or so by the wave but didn't appear to have suffered any damage at all.'