Watch: Wall climbing is a fun thing to do this Easter

If you’re looking for some inspiration for things to do with children over the upcoming Easter Holidays then wall climbing is a great activity.

Children who love to climb can do so safely at one of the many venues across the region. As well as being fun, it is good exercise and builds other skills such as balance, agility, strength, coordination and concentration, not to mention problem-solving skills when navigating tricky wall-climbs.

There is a real camaraderie amongst children taking part who help each other and give encouragement. For those youngsters prone to competitiveness, the sight of other children darting up a wall can provide that extra dose of inspiration and energy to fuel their fire to achieve a task. And when they have “climbed the mountain”, as it were, it offers a tremendous boost of self-confidence to them.

With safety helmets on and being harnessed up, wall-climbing is safe - just watch out for children dropping from above when you are walking near a wall. Friendly staff are on hand to help and give you a debrief of safety at the beginning.

Some of the venues to look out for are Clip ‘N’ Climb in Portsmouth, Action Stations at the Historic Dockyards, Red Spider Climbing in Fareham, Rock up in Whiteley, Boulder Shack in Southampton and RockReef in Bournemouth.