Waterlooville street shocked as ice block containing frozen poo crashes into the street from passing airplane

RESIDENTS in a Waterlooville road were woken by a loud thud – after a huge block of ice believed to be from a passing plane fell out of the sky.

By Richard Lemmer
Tuesday, 8th June 2021, 6:34 pm

Neighbours in Eagle Avenue were brought to their front doors at 10.30pm on Monday night after hearing a loud crash and seeing a large block of ice had landed on the pavement.

Resident Louise Browne said: ‘We just getting into bed and we thought someone was chucking gravel stones at our window.

‘We could hear it whooshing down, and there was like a thud, and where it hit the ground, that’s what we thought was gravel – but it was ice hitting the window.

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Pictured: Lisa Boyd and Louise Browne with the mysterious substance in a bag outside their home in Waterlooville on 8 June 2021 Picture: Habibur Rahman

‘I would say it was about half a metre square – it was big.

‘My husband says it must have come from a plane – it just fell from the sky out of nowhere.’

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The skies above the town were clear and ground temperature reached highs of 14C at 10pm last night.

The block of ice smashed as it hit the pavement in Waterlooville. Picture: Louise Browne

Residents are convinced that the ice came from a plane’s lavatory – as it revealed an unpleasant surprise as it melted.

Louise’s neighbour, Lisa Boyd, said: ‘This morning, where the ice had melted, there were faeces on the path.

‘I bagged it up because it was slap bang in the middle of the footpath.’

The pair said that the incident could have caused an incredibly unlucky injury.

Residents of the Waterlooville street thought that gravel was being thrown at their windows as the ice block exploded on impact. Picture: Louise Browne

Louise added: ‘It was about 2ft away from a car.

‘They were lucky – if it had landed on the bonnet, it would have crushed it.’

According to the Civil Aviation Authority, all lavatory waste is held within aircrafts and collected after landing by special vehicles during the preparation for the next flight.

Neighbours Lisa Boyd and Louise Browne were startled to find what believed to be frozen poo fallen from a plane outside their home in Waterlooville Picture: Habibur Rahman

If the ice is clear, it may have been due to a leak from the water system at an external servicing point.

A spokesperson for the authority, said: ‘Ice falls from aircraft are considered to be rare in UK airspace, and can be a result of meteorological phenomena.

‘We receive around 10 reports of ice falls per year and while we are unable to investigate the origin of an ice fall, we do record reports of this nature.’

While the authority will record suspected ice falls, it says it is unable to investigate their potential origins regarding specific flights.

The CAA has no liability for damage which may be caused by an ice fall.

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