Wedding: Kelly Sowden and Liam Murphy

Their wedding day was everything they wanted it to be '“ and more, as they got to share it with their two-year-old son, Marley.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 31st May 2016, 11:05 am
Updated Tuesday, 31st May 2016, 12:48 pm
Liam Murphy and Kelly Sowden married at the Winchester Hotel and Spa last month
Liam Murphy and Kelly Sowden married at the Winchester Hotel and Spa last month

Twenty-four-year-old Kelly Sowden married Liam Murphy, 26, at the Winchester Hotel and Spa last month, in a ceremony that was described as emotional but perfect.

The couple, who live in Waterlooville, married in the company of 114 friends and family members.

The bride had her best friend Rochelle Hewson, 25, as maid of honour, and Liam’s two sisters – Hannah Murphy, 21 and Eleanor Murphy, 16 – as bridesmaids.

Page boy duties were down to Marley and Liam had his friend Perry Groves, 26, as best man.

‘I couldn’t pick one part of the day that was my favourite because I loved all of it,’ says Kelly, who is a care support worker for adults with learning disabilities.

‘It went so smoothly I couldn’t believe it.

‘It was the perfect day.’

The newlyweds met each other properly at a 21st birthday party in 2011, but had known of each other for a few years before that.

‘We got chatting that night and carried on talking afterwards,’ says Kelly.

‘Eventually we went out for dinner and then on a few more dates.

‘It wasn’t long before it felt normal to see and speak to Liam all the time’.

The couple became boyfriend and girlfriend shortly after and in 2013 Kelly fell pregnant with Marley.

Liam, who is a bricklayer, proposed to Kelly that same year, after cooking her a meal in the comfort of their own home.

‘I did not see it coming whatsoever,’ says Kelly.

‘I was so overwhelmed that even though I wanted to say yes straight away I didn’t because I was in shock!

‘He had to say “so will you?” and I said yes. I was so happy.’

Liam originally decided to propose at Woolbeding Gardens in Midhurst, but had to change his plans because Kelly had pre-eclampsia and was unable to walk very far.

On the day of the wedding the bride walked down the aisle with her dad, Del Sowden.

‘As I stood outside the door waiting to go in I suddenly welled up,’ says Kelly.

‘I was overwhelmed going down the aisle, but it was a nice overwhelming feeling.

‘Liam held it together until he did his speech, then he just started crying.

‘It was really emotional.’

The bride and groom leave for their two-week honeymoon trip to Aruba today.

When asked how it feels to be Liam’s wife, Kelly says: ‘It feels so nice, especially as we have Marley as well. Sharing a surname makes you feel closer.

‘Liam really couldn’t do any more for me.

‘I can’t pick out just one reason for wanting to marry him, but there’s no reason at all why I wouldn’t have wanted to.’