Whiteley ten-year-old put his own spin on Uptown Funk in Mark Ronson session

Harvey Spanner with Mark Ronson  Picture: James Mason/JABHarvey Spanner with Mark Ronson  Picture: James Mason/JAB
Harvey Spanner with Mark Ronson Picture: James Mason/JAB
A 10-YEAR-OLD pop fan who had a heart transplant at just 22 months has had his wish come true after meeting famous producer Mark Ronson.

Harvey Spanner joined a group of nine children who met the artist at Metropolis Studios in London on May 31 to do one-on-one mentoring sessions with Mark before recording a new version of his hit song Uptown Funk.

Harvey, from Whiteley, was given the opportunity after his family were approached by Wembley-based children’s charity Rays of Sunshine, which grants wishes to seriously ill children.

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Rachel Spanner, Harvey’s mum, said: ‘He’s a big music fan and, when the opportunity came up, Harvey was pretty excited about it.

‘We could tell from when he told us all about it that he had really enjoyed it.

‘It was a fantastic thing for him to get the chance to do.’

The Netley Abbey Junior School pupil was born with a genetic condition that caused damage to his heart.

He had a heart transplant, but doctors say he will need another one in 20 to 25 years’ time.

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Harvey was accompanied to the studio by his grandfather, John Martin, and was said to be ‘smiling the whole time’.

Mr Martin said: ‘It was such a lovely thing to happen to Harvey.

‘Mark was great with the kids and took the time to spend a good while with each one of them.

‘Harvey was shy at first, but was soon having a great time after he got the chance to start singing.’

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Harvey has to take a number of drugs because otherwise his transplanted heart could stop at any time.

Rachel added that he didn’t let it stop him from doing the things he wanted to do and that his siblings, Jessie, 19, Jake, 14, Charlie, five and one-year-old Darcy, were ‘very jealous’ that Harvey got to sing and work with Mark.

She said: ‘He is doing really well at the moment and his doctors have told us that his heart is doing fine.’

Thanks to Rays of Sunshine, Harvey and his brothers and two sisters are also set to go Florida this September, which was his ‘big wish’ from the charity.

Rachel added: ‘He’s always wanted to go to Florida so the whole family’s really excited about coming along with him.

‘We’re quite a close family unit and Harvey is a big part of that.’

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