Photographer turned writer launches novel

A FORMER photographer and feature writer has written his first novel inspired by locations across the south coast.

Tuesday, 21st February 2017, 6:06 am
Updated Tuesday, 28th February 2017, 12:42 pm
Author David Rose-Massom with his first book

David Rose-Massom, from Gosport, has long had a desire to create something thrilling, and used his retirement to write his novel Death of an Unnamed Girl.

The 66 year-old, who has a degenerative spine condition, had to quit full-time work, but has used his newly found free time for his passion, creative writing.

David, from Salt Meat Lane, said: ‘My condition worsened over the years and work became a bit too much for me. Disabled and with my family grown up, it was finally time to sit down and begin writing my novels.’

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Set along the south coast, the story follows a man whose world is thrown into turmoil with his discovery of a girl’s body in a park.

David said: ‘In the name of research, I have followed in the footsteps of my main character.

‘I’ve visited the Chichester park where we first find him with the body of the unnamed girl at his feet, and I have sat on the bench under which he pushes the body.

‘I have driven up to the gates of Broadmoor and walked the route of his escape from there.’

David wrote much of the book in cafes, drawing inspiration from the people going about their business.

He said: ‘Every morning I head for a café, it’s easier for some reason than writing at home plus it is a great place to find characters.’

David said he had surprised himself writing the thriller but also that he was overjoyed to see his book for the first time in physical form, completed after years writing the thriller.

‘Then the postman delivered my first copy, my hands shook as I opened the box and it was a feeling, which I can only guess, is like winning the Lotto’.

The book Death of an Unnamed Girl is available to buy for £7.88 at and for download on Kindle.