Politics is fast-changing and unpredictable

AS WE all try and make sense of the general election 2017 results, I thought I should try and clarify some key points.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 14th June 2017, 11:50 am
Updated Thursday, 15th June 2017, 2:38 pm
Tina Helme wants us to think past Brexit
Tina Helme wants us to think past Brexit

Theresa May called the snap general election with confidence that she would have a landslide victory.

But the result was a hung parliament.

At 12.30pm on June 9, Mrs May visited Buckingham Palace to ask the Queen for consent to form a new government.

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Theresa May decided to have talks with the DUP to make up extra seats, thus forming a minority Conservative Government.

However, talks with the DUP are taking longer than expected.

So Mrs May has asked for the Queen’s Speech – scheduled for June 19 – to be delayed by a few days.

This has never happened before.

There are concerns that the new date may clash with Royal Ascot, which begins on June 20.

Royal Ascot is the highlight of her majesty’s racing calendar.

If agreement between the Conservatives and DUP is not forthcoming, we may have to have another general election.

Mrs May will have to rethink her entire Tory manifesto.

With inflation at a four-year high, it is possible the triple lock will remain for pensions, alongside winter fuel payments.

They were both key parts of the Conservative manifesto that were going to change.

The social care package will also need to be rethought.

The Conservatives wanted to use the value of an individual’s assets to offset social care costs.

A cap of £100,000 would have been put in place to be passed on as inheritance.

Yet no cap has been negotiated to date and was originally non-existent.

This cap was seen as a U-turn shortly before the general election.

My birthday is on Sunday, June 18.

As each year I creep closer to pensionable age, I hope a speedy solution is found.

Sooner rather than later, please.

We all need peace of mind, particularly with key welfare policies.

Politics is fluid, fast-changing and unpredictable.

Brexit talks are due to commence June 19 and I’m certain this start date will also need to be pushed back.

But I truly believe that a softer Brexit is better than no Brexit at all.

My advice to everyone is, let’s think past Brexit and be proud to put Gosport, Hampshire and the whole of the UK on the global map.

I wish you all a peaceful week ahead.