Anger over mud and dust at controversial Portchester homes development

MUDDY roads and dusty cars have left residents '˜annoyed' as they say developers are not following the rules.

Wednesday, 29th August 2018, 8:47 pm
Updated Monday, 3rd September 2018, 12:17 pm
Soil on the roads. Picture: David Wiltshire

Persimmon Homes won an appeal last year to build 120 homes in Cranleigh Road in Portchester despite an initial refusal from the council and a backlash from neighbours.

The developers were given a list of conditions they had to follow while carrying out the building work including keeping the surrounding roads clean from mud and debris, dampening down dust and keeping trucks covered.

But residents in Portchester feel developers are not sticking to the guidlines.

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Soil on the roads. Picture: David Wiltshire

Dave Wiltshire said: '˜When we lost the appeal everyone was upset but we had to accept what happened.

'˜But then we noticed the mud on the roads and there was dust over the cars which were all things the developers were supposed to prevent and they haven't so people are annoyed.

'˜It is not acceptable and there doesn't seem to be any consequences for not following the rules set out.'

Locals reported mud on roads including Cranleigh Road itself, Cornaway Lane and out on to the A27.

Soil on the roads. Picture: David Wiltshire

Dave added: '˜It makes you think what is the point of having the conditions set out and I have really lost faith in the planning department and the council.'

A spokeswoman for Persimmon Homes South Coast said: '˜We are aware of the concerns that have been raised and are working with the contractors on site to ensure that any disruption is minimised. We have also had several meetings with the planners.

'˜The development is being carried out in accordance with the approved details of the planning permission and a programme is in place to clean the public highway as deemed necessary.

'˜We have a full-time jet wash being utilised by members of staff at the main entrance to Harbourside View, who are washing every vehicle that comes out of the site. 

'˜We also have three road sweepers in action to clean the main roads. 

'˜The dust has proved to be more problematic due to the extreme summer temperatures, which caused the mud to quickly dry into dust.

'˜However, we have had a water bowser on site that was used to dampen down the dust when needed.'

A spokeswoman for Fareham Borough Council said: '˜The council appreciates that there have been some difficulties and have worked closely with both the developer and their contractors to minimise any disruption towards residents. '˜