BREAKING: Portsmouth Labour co-chair Rob Smith resigns from party

Rob SmithRob Smith
Rob Smith
Portsmouth Labour group co-chairman Rob Smith has announced his resignation from the party, in protest at the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn as the party's leader.

In a letter to members Mr Smith said he felt ‘repulsion and humiliation’ at the state of the party.

His decision comes after the group’s leader John Ferrett announced his resignation on Monday, also following Mr Corbyn’s re-election on Saturday.

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In his letter he added: ‘This was an incredibly difficult decision to make and I have agonised over this issue for several months.

‘I cannot with integrity and conviction remain part of a party led by a leader that I am fundamentally opposed to and will not vote for.

‘It would be plainly ridiculous and dishonest for me to ask people to vote for a party leader and policy agenda that I have no confidence in and cannot unite behind.’

More to follow.

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