Brexit: Havant result and reaction

Havant voted overwhelmingly to leave.

Friday, 24th June 2016, 6:55 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 7:07 pm

A total of 62.3 per cent of people (44,047) voted in favour of leaving the EU in yesterday’s referendum, compared to just 37.6 per cent (26,582) to remain.

Havant’s MP Alan Mak – who backed the Remain campaign – was disappointed about his campaign’s loss but stressed it was still to early to tell what impact this result would have on a national stage.

He said: ‘Havant has seen a record turn-out and I’m glad we will add our votes for both Leave and Remain to the national totals as it’s a national referendum rather than a regional one.

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‘It’s too close to call the overall result nationally, but it’s good news that so many Havant residents have cast their votes.

‘I campaigned for an EU Referendum, and I’m delighted the Conservative government delivered it, and so many Havant area residents took part.’

Leigh Park Conservative Councillor Mike Fairhurst said he was delighted.

He told The News: ‘This is a decisive result for the United Kingdom as we have decided to leave the EU by a decisive margin, and Havant helped deliver this with a significant majority to Leave in a very high turnout.

‘I am absolutely delighted that my grandchildren will now grow up as British rather than citizens of the United States of Europe.

‘I hope that this result will lead to a new relationship in Europe with nation states working together rather than being forced into a federal and undemocratic straight jacket that an In vote would have produced.

‘I am delighted that this Conservative government gave the people the chance to express their opinion, and the people have spoken. It is now up to parliament to implement this decision, and to reconcile the strongly held but opposing views expressed.’