Care home plan set to be refused

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DEVELOPERS are disappointed as their new care home scheme is set for refusal at a planning committee this week.

Prime Plc submitted a planning application for a 75-bed care home on land on Barnes Lane in Sarisbury Green but the proposal has been recommended for refusal.

Bob Smaylen, Development Director at Prime Plc said: ‘We are naturally disappointed that the recommendation going into next week’s committee meeting is to refuse planning application for the proposed scheme.

‘We hope that the councillors reviewing our application will recognise that the development is a much-needed facility for the local area, providing good quality care home places and specialist dementia care where there is currently a lack of provision for older people.’

The planning report details an objection from Highways England regarding the access points to the site which is opposite Holly Hill Leisure Centre.

It read: ‘There is a concern that any material increase in vehicular activity at the present private access would be detrimental to the safe operation of the very busy junction serving the Holly Hill Leisure Centre and other sports and recreational uses.

‘As the two accesses are only separated by 9m, the principal concerns are conflicts and priority issues for vehicles leaving the accesses simultaneously and simultaneous right turns where gridlock could easily occur.

‘The provision of the Road Safety Audit and plan do not provide sufficient mitigation to overcome the highway objection.’

Ward Councillor Sean Woodward is against the plans which include a coffee shop, nail bar and hair salon.

Cllr Woodward said: ‘We have a significant proportion of over-85s in the borough but there are highway issues.

‘It is the right idea in the wrong place.’