Gosport council reveals where new graveyard should be created as Ann's Hill Cemetery is almost full

A new cemetery will be created in Gosport as the current site is running out of space
Ann's Hill Cemetery, Gosport     Picture: Chris MoorhouseAnn's Hill Cemetery, Gosport     Picture: Chris Moorhouse
Ann's Hill Cemetery, Gosport Picture: Chris Moorhouse

Ann’s Hill Cemetery (opened in 1885) is becoming full with the maximum capacity set to be reached within three years.

A site on Grange Lane has been recommended as the best option, with a potential life span of 175 years.

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Chairman of the borough council's community board Philip Raffaelli said that in 2018 a project had been established to look at options in the town, and that Cemetery Development Services (CDS) were commissioned as technical consultants to work with boroigh council officers.

He said: ‘A Task and Finish Working Group of councillors from all parties was established to review the proposals from CDS.

‘The working group supported the proposal that the Grange Lane site was the preferred option.

‘The options were considered using a range of criteria including access, ground conditions (based on a desktop assessment), capacity, impact of area and costs.

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‘Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the project was not taken forward as initially planned, resulting in a delay in completion and a lapsing of the commission with CDS.'

On September 8 the council's community board considered a paper and agreed to approve the working group's recommendations in principle, and also that CDS should be reappointed as technical consultants to get the project as far as a planning application.

Cllr Raffaelli added: ‘This next phase will include detailed surveys of the site and reports to confirm its suitability that will take the scheme through to the planning application phase including public consultation and stakeholder engagement.’

When asked to explain the rationale for reappointing the CDS he added: ‘The CDS are well-recognised experts in this field and the council was content with the work they had undertaken to date.

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‘As they have been involved with the project since 2018 they are fully familiar with the project, the survey work and other assessments to date and the council’s preferred way ahead.’

The required costs for the cemetery are estimated to be £115,000, which includes professional fees for CDS and other expenditure needed on the preparation.

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