ELECTION 2018: Full results for Portsmouth

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HERE are the full list of results for the local election in Portsmouth.

Drama as Tories’ grip across the Portsmouth area weakens

03/05/2018 ''The Portsmouth local election count held inside the Guildhall, Portsmouth. 'Picture Ian Hargreaves  (180470-1) PPP-180305-225524006

03/05/2018 ''The Portsmouth local election count held inside the Guildhall, Portsmouth. 'Picture Ian Hargreaves (180470-1) PPP-180305-225524006



Jeanette Smith (Lib Dem) 1421

Terry Norton (Con) 1285

Liam Turish (Lab) 794

Todd Sweeney (Ukip) 169

Bob Simmonds (Green) 132

Lib Dem hold

Majority: 136 Turnout: 34.3 per cent

Central Southsea

George Fielding (Lab) 1721

Lee Hunt (Lib Dem) 1377

Prab Ghosh (Con) 627

Tim Sheerman-Chase (Green) 181

Lab gain

Majority: 343 Turnout: 36 per cent

Charles Dickens

Claire Udy (Ind) 844

Sarah Shreeve (Lib Dem) 729

Syed Aminul Haque (Con) 619

Paul Godier (Ind) 155

Sarah Gilbert (Green) 141

Ind gain

Majority: 115 Turnout:20 per cent


Ben Swann (Con) 1355

Mo Quinn (Lab) 824

Ross Campbell (Lib Dem) 423

Ken Hawkins (Green) 224

Con hold

Majority: 531 Turnout: 29.3 per cent


Hannah Hockaday (Con) 1614

Graham Heaney (Lab) 954

Catherine Cole (Lib Dem) 213

Michael Jerome (Ukip) 173

Peter Marcus (Ind) 110

Con hold

Majority: 660 Turnout: 29.7 per cent

Eastney and Craneswater

Luke Stubbs (Con) 1763

Luke Evans (Lab) 1144

Tracy McClure (Lib Dem) 969

Menno Groen (Green) 172

Con hold

Majority: 619 Turnout: 42 per cent


Simon Bosher (Con) 2588

Sue Castillon (Lab) 918

Paul Pritchard (Lib Dem) 340

Con hold

Majority: 1,670 Turnout: 37 per cent


Tom Coles (Lab) 1,108

Stuart Brown (Lib Dem) 1,036

Tony Sarigul (Con) 543

Kevan Chippindall-Higgin (Ukip) 154

Michael Wines (Green) 114

Lab gain

Majority 72 Turnout: 29 per cent


Frank Jonas (Con) 1739

Graham Mitchell (Lab) 868

Peter Williams (Lib Dem) 224

Emma Murphy (Green) 199

Con hold

Majority: 871 Turnout: 29.3 per cent


Ben Dowling (Lib Dem) 1656

Raj Ghosh (Lab) 1264

Josh Ahmed (Con) 856

Tamara Groen (Green) 193

Lib Dem hold

Majority: 392 Turnout: 37 per cent


Jason Fazackarley (Lib Dem) 1,124

Rumal Abdullah Khan (Lab) 768

Alicia Denny (Con) 625

Colin Galloway (Ukip) 148

Duncan Robinson (Green) 136

Lib Dem gain

Majority: 356 Turnout: 27.2 per cent


Jo Hooper (Con) 1224

David Horne (Lab) 1100

Stuart Potter (Ukip) 191

Iain James Sutherland (Lib Dem) 165

Con gain

Majority: 124 Turnout 26.5 per cent

St Jude

Judith Smyth (Lab) 1270

Linda Symes (Con) 1165

Richard Adair (Lib Dem) 867

Chris Jolley (Green) 187

Lab gain

Majority: 105 Turnout: 38 per cent

St Thomas

Robert Wood (Lib Dem) 1195

Sumel Chowdhury (Lab) 1049

Terry Henderson (Con) 1055

Bekkie Kingsley-Smith (Green) 154

Lib Dem hold

Majority: 140 Turnout: 33 per cent