European elections 2019: All the MEPs elected to the European Parliament in the UK

Nigel Farage's Brexit Party topped the polls and won the most seats in the European Parliament (Photo: Getty Images)Nigel Farage's Brexit Party topped the polls and won the most seats in the European Parliament (Photo: Getty Images)
Nigel Farage's Brexit Party topped the polls and won the most seats in the European Parliament (Photo: Getty Images)
Voters across the United Kingdom have shown that the country is as divided as ever following the results of the 2019 European elections.

The Brexit Party, with its figurehead of Nigel Farage, won the most seats and beat UKIP’s performance in 2014.

However, pro-EU parties such as the Liberal Democrats, the Greens, and pro-EU nationalist parties Plaid Cymru and the Scottish Nationalist Party also had strong showings.

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The country’s two biggest parties, the Conservatives and Labour, ended the night battered and bruised by the voting public.

Results from most of the UK have now been declared, with only Northern Ireland and Scotland yet to formally declare the results.

Here is a list of all of the UK’s MEPs who have been elected to the European Parliament.

East Midlands

The Brexit Party: Annunziata Rees-Mogg, Matthew Patten, and Jonathan Bullock.

Liberal Democrat: William Newton Dunn

Labour: Rory Palmer

East of England

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The Brexit Party: Richard Tice, Michael Heaver, June Mummery

Liberal Democrat: Barbara Gibson, Lucy Nethsingha

Green: Catherine Rowett

Conservative: Geoffrey Van Orden


Liberal Democrat: Irina Von Wiese, Dinesh Dhamija, Luisa Porritt

Labour: Claude Moraes, Sebastian Dance

The Brexit Party: Benyamin Habib, Lance Forman

Green: Scott Ainslie

North East

The Brexit Party: Brian Monteith, John Tennant

Labour: Jude Kirton-Darling

North West

The Brexit Party: Claire Fox, Henrik Nielsen, David Bul

Labour: Theresa Griffin, Julie Ward

Liberal Democrat: Jane Brophy, Chris Davies

Green: Gina Dowding

South East

The Brexit Party: Nigel Farage, Alexandra Phillips, Robert Rowland, Belinda De Camborne Lucy

Liberal Democrat: Catherine Bearder, Antony Hook, Judith Bunting

Green: Alexandra Phillips

Conservative: Daniel Hannan

Labour: John Howarth

South West

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The Brexit Party: Ann Widdecombe, James Glancy, Christina Jordan

Liberal Democrat: Caroline Voaden, Martin Horwood

Green: Molly Scott Cato


The Brexit Party: Nathan Gill, James Wells

Plaid Cymru: Jill Evans

Labour: Jacqueline Jones

West Midlands

The Brexit Party: Rupert Lowe, Martin Daubney, Andrew Kerr

Labour: Neena Gill

Liberal Democrat: Phil Bennion

Green: Ellie Chowns

Conservative: Anthea McIntyre

Yorkshire and the Humber

The Brexit Party: John Longworth, Jake Pugh, Lucy Harris

Labour: Richard Corbett

Liberal Democrat: Shaffaq Mohammed

Green: Magid Magid

Scotland - (not fully declared at time of writing, predicted results below)

Scottish National Party (SNP): Alyn Smith, Christian Allard, Aileen McLeod

The Brexit Party: Louis Stedman-Bruce

Liberal Democrat: Sheila Ritchie

Conservatives: Nosheena Mobarik

Northern Ireland (not fully declared at time of writing, results expected on Tuesday)

The Full Results so far

The Brexit Party: 28 seats, vote share: 31.6%

Liberal Democrat: 15 seats, vote share: 20.3%

Labour: 10 seats, vote share: 14.1%

Green: 7 seats, vote share: 12.1%

Conservative: 3 seats, vote share: 9.1%

Plaid Cymru: 1 seat, vote share: 1%

SNP: 0 (predicted 3), vote share: 3.6%

Change UK: 0 seats, vote share: 3.4%

UKIP: 0 seats, vote share: 3.3%