Fareham MP Suella Braverman departs from Home Secretary position less than a day after telling The News: 'Prime Minister Liz Truss has my full support'

Suella Braverman has reportedly stepped down as Home Secretary.Suella Braverman has reportedly stepped down as Home Secretary.
Suella Braverman has reportedly stepped down as Home Secretary.
THE MP for Fareham Suella Braverman has left her position as home secretary, according to reports, less than 24 hours after she told The News: ‘the prime minister has my full support’.

Ms Braverman has handed in her resignation letter after Liz Truss cleared her diary and called off a planned visit amid desperate attempts to save her premiership.

The former home secretary has said she resigned over ‘technical infringement of the rules’ when she emailed an official document from her personal email account.

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‘I have made a mistake; I accept responsibility; I resign’, the MP said.

In her resignation letter, Ms Braverman opened fire at the administration she is leaving behind, saying she has ‘concerns about the direction of this government’.

She added: ‘Not only have we broken key pledges that were promised to our voters, but I have had serious concerns about this government’s commitments to honouring manifesto commitments, such as reducing overall migration numbers and stopping illegal migration, particularly the dangerous small boat crossings.’

It comes less than 24 hours after the MP for Fareham told The News that she fully supported the beleaguered prime minister.

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In a statement provided to The News, the MP said: ‘The Prime Minister has my full support.

‘I welcome the Prime Minister’s response to create the stability we need.

‘We’ve got to be honest about the scale of the economic challenges we face. We’ve had short term difficulties caused by the lack of an OBR forecast alongside the Growth Plan. As such, the Chancellor has announced a necessary set of measures that will ensure there is trust and confidence in our economy.

‘The Government remains committed to achieving growth, but it is right that we acted in the national interest to preserve economic stability.’

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Yesterday, Ms Braverman lambasted Guardian readers, tofu eaters, and the opposition parities for protests across the country.

During a debate on the Public Order Bill, she said: ‘It’s the Labour party, it’s the Lib Dems, it’s the coalition of chaos, it’s the Guardian-reading tofu-eating wokerati - dare I say, the anti-growth coalition - that we have to thank for the disruption we are seeing on our roads today.’

Now reports from Westminster suggest that Grant Shapps could be taking on the position of home secretary.

Ms Braverman has been contacted for comment.