Fareham to have EU referendum debate

RESIDENTS in Fareham are set to have their own say on the EU referendum at a debate next Saturday.

Suella Fernandes, MP for Fareham, has organised the debate, which will see representatives from both the Remain and Leave campaigns give speeches.

Miss Fernandes, who has previously declared her support for the ‘Leave’ campaign, will chair the 2pm meeting.

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Ben Howlett, Conservative MP for Bath, will speak for the Remain campaign while Ian Brown, South East chairman of Business for Britain, will speak in favour of the Leave campaign.

Miss Fernandes said: ‘The referendum takes place in less than a month, and is one of the most important decisions facing us as a country.

People in Fareham will be making their minds up between now and then, and I hope this event allows people to hear from both sides of the argument.

Fareham residents can apply for tickets to the event by emailing [email protected]