Freedom fighter or terrorist?

Daz Dugan, 43, is a former Colour Sergeant with the Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment, Hampshire's local army unit.

Sunday, 26th March 2017, 4:45 pm
Updated Saturday, 8th April 2017, 10:24 pm

He served more than two decades with the unit and tackled multiple tours of Northern Ireland - his first as a boy solider in 1991.

Daz, who now works as a body guard for international VIPs, said the horrors caused by the IRA were things he and many other servicemen will never forget.

‘Martin McGuinness was a murderer and a liar, it’s as simple as that,’ he told The News.

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‘I went over to Northern Ireland as a boy solider and saw some horrible atrocities. They are things I will never forget.

‘We saw a different side to him when we were out there. He wasn’t a freedom fighter.

‘He pulled the trigger or gave the order on a hundred or so deaths.

‘He was second in command of the IRA. He controlled a lot of their operations and organisations - IEDs, pipe bombs, assassinations - and he gave the green light to a lot of these.

‘He was not a hero. He was a murderer and a coward.’