Fury after revellers leave Southsea Bandstand '˜a disgusting mess'

FURIOUS city leaders are threatening to introduce new litter wardens and fines after revellers left a '˜disgusting mess' following a live music show in Southsea.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 2nd August 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 8:37 pm
Litter left behind after the concert at the Bandstand field on Southsea Common on Sunday Picture: Sarah Parham
Litter left behind after the concert at the Bandstand field on Southsea Common on Sunday Picture: Sarah Parham

A sea of waste was left strewn around Southsea Bandstand after more than 12,000 people flocked to watch the free music show on Sunday afternoon.

The rubbish left at the beauty spot included bottles, wrappers, boxes and even a garden seat.

The shocking behaviour has outraged the event’s organiser Nick Courtney and has now forced the city council’s leisure boss to consider introducing fresh penalties for those caught carelessly dumping rubbish on the seafront.

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Piles of rubbish after the concert at the bandstand

Councillor Linda Symes, cabinet member for leisure, culture and sport, was sickened by the scale of mess.

She said: ‘I find it appalling that people think it’s okay to leave a whole load of rubbish on the seafront. It really is quite disgusting.

‘People wouldn’t dump rubbish like this in their back garden, so why do it here? It’s going to have an effect on the public purse.’

The clear-up took much of yesterday morning, with council staff picking up hundreds of pieces of waste.

Piles of rubbish after the concert at the bandstand

Cllr Symes added: ‘This is all about respect – people seem to have none of it.

‘They clearly think it’s the city’s duty to pick up after them.

‘I want people to go to the seafront and have a really great time.

‘But what I don’t to see is people then leaving and dumping all their rubbish.

‘Litter wardens would be an absolute last resort if nothing else works.

‘But it would be something that we would have to consider if all else fails.’

The wardens would be empowered to hand out fines, although exactly how much is not known.

The warning comes as the council prepares to stage another event at the bandstand this Sunday.

The action will feature live music from The Devotions and Strumpet Town and is again organised by Portsmouth promoter Mr Courtney.

The event, from 1pm to 4pm, is expected to draw thousands of people.

Mr Courtney added the mess from Sunday was ‘unacceptable’ and that his pleas for revellers to take their rubbish away with them had been ignored.

He is now calling on music lovers to bring their own bin bags on Sunday and leave all their rubbish in them.

‘I wasn’t happy with what I saw – it’s not acceptable at all,’ he added.

Residents’ outrage over Southsea Bandstand mess

READERS reacted with anger after photos of the mess by Southsea Bandstand were posted on The News’ Facebook page.

Scores of people spoke of their fury and called for sterner punishments for litterbugs flouting the rules.

Karen Williams said:’It’s absolutely disgusting – everyone should take their rubbish home with them.’

Ann Law added: ‘The amount of mess after the music yesterday was disgusting.’

Francesca Costin agreed and said: ‘Doesn’t take much to clean up after yourself – even our kids did the same.’