Gosport seafarer writes book on his time in Antarctica

A FORMER Royal Navy captain has written a book on the time he spent in Antarctica.

Friday, 13th January 2017, 6:05 am
Captain Tom Woodfield with his book Polar Mariner: Beyond the Limits in Antarctica Picture: Will Rooney

Captain Tom Woodfield, 83, spent 20 years supporting British scientists in the south pole.

Cpt Woodfield, who lives in Gosport, wrote his book Polar Mariner: Beyond the Limits in Antarctica as he felt nobody had written about the seafaring side.

In the book he describes how he had to fight against horrendous weather conditions – with winds hitting up to 120 knots – as well as reflecting on the scenery and wildlife that he used to see on a daily basis.

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He said: ‘I absolutely loved fighting the ice and the weather.

‘Without the support we gave, no science would have taken place.

‘I was there for eight or nine months at a time and sometimes it could get down to -30C.’

Polar Mariner is published by Whittles Publishing and is available online and in bookshops.