Homeless pregnant woman shocked by request to leave hotel to make way for D-Day guests in Portsmouth

Georgina Guest 
Picture: Malcolm Wells (190603-1271)Georgina Guest 
Picture: Malcolm Wells (190603-1271)
Georgina Guest Picture: Malcolm Wells (190603-1271)
A PREGNANT woman has spoken of her 'shock' after being told to leave her temporary hotel accommodation that day due to high demand for rooms during D-Day week.

Georgina Guest claims she was given no warning before being 'kicked out' of the Travelodge in Buckland that had been booked by Portsmouth City Council as a temporary home since March.

She was told on her birthday this Monday that her room was needed for guests of the D-Day 75 commemorations taking place in Southsea this week.

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The 22-year-old said: 'It was a massive shock to wake up to on my birthday.

Georgina Guest 
Picture: Malcolm Wells (190603-1301)Georgina Guest 
Picture: Malcolm Wells (190603-1301)
Georgina Guest Picture: Malcolm Wells (190603-1301)

'Unfortunately it is impossible for me to live with my family as they don't have space.

'The hotel told me that my room was needed for guests as the city was busy this week. I was initially told that I could come back to the council after the week to find a new home and in the meantime I would have to find somewhere to rent privately, but I can't afford that.'

Portsmouth City Council refused to comment specifically on Georgina's case but said that 'no-one is facing being on the streets.'

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James Hill, director of housing at the council, confirmed that events this week had impacted accommodation in the city. 'The D-Day commemorations have caused an influx of people into the city who need accommodation,' he said.

'This isn’t just visitors but also people involved in the safe running of the events. This has resulted in us being unable to book rooms in local hotels and B&B's to provide temporary accommodation to residents needing housing support.

'There are some people who have been able to find somewhere to stay for a few nights until we're able to secure rooms again. For those that haven’t we've offered alternative provision in the closet locations we can outside of the city. We'll look to move these residents back as soon as there is provision available again.'

Travelodge was unable to comment but stated that the council had booked a room at the hotel for Georgina until May 31.

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But Georgina, who is 30 weeks pregnant, said: 'I have a letter from the council telling me that my stay was due to run out on July 2.

'I need accommodation within the city as I have appointments with my midwife to keep. So I've been told to find my own accommodation for the week.'

Georgina does not work currently due to medical conditions including dissociative seizures, PTSD and bipolar.

She spent Monday night on her parents' sofa in Paulsgrove. 'I shouldn't be sleeping on a sofa being so close to birth,' she added.

'And my parents have no room for me here. I just think it's a shame that profit has been prioritised over helping someone in need.'