Join the fresh air walk to halt pollution

We had a very successful fresh air walk led by members of the Parish Ecology Group (PEG) from the Sacred Heart Church in Fareham asking for better air, transport, health and environment in our local area.

Thursday, 15th June 2017, 11:45 am
Updated Thursday, 15th June 2017, 1:57 pm
Green campaigners in Fareham on the fresh air walk through the town centre

It was part of the Fresh Air June events, organised to highlight the need to badger our representatives to do something about the pollution in our towns and cities.

It took place just before the general election and we invited all of the candidates who wanted to be our member of parliament for Fareham.

It was an opportunity for them to tell us what their respective polices were on air pollution.

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In the end we had candidates from Labour, Ukip and the Green Party.

A representative was sent from the Liberal Democrats but there was nothing from the Conservatives. Not even an apology!

We did have a message of support from the executive leader of Fareham Borough Council and from several councillors.

So you can imagine our disappointment at not having the Conservative candidate.

The view from those taking part was that air pollution is something that affects all of us, especially children and those who suffer from health conditions.

There will be another activity from our group at 10.30am tomorrow.

We will be walking from the rose tree in Henry Cort Sculpture Park, opposite the Ironmaster Pub, in West Street, past the railway station, along The Avenue to Fareham College and back to the rose tree.

We hope that from all the activity taking place during Fresh Air June with other organisations people will work together to solve the air pollution problems in our local area.