LETTER OF THE DAY: Anti-Israelis should be more concerned with Syria

Graham Noble completely ignores the big Gaza picture (No comparison, Apr 11).

Friday, 13th April 2018, 1:15 am
An Arab soldier in Syria Picture: Shutterstock

The nearest example would be for Ireland to return to a hard border with Northern Ireland and a fence is built to stop the IRA getting through to the north and to also stop smuggling, which was a problem before we joined the EU.

30,000 demonstrators turn up with IRA militants imbedded in the crowds.

They have made it clear their intention is to break down the fence and march into Northern Ireland to throw out the Protestants.

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They attack the fence and hack holes in it while other are sling-shotting fire bombs and rocks at British soldiers.

Black smoke from hundreds of burning tyres makes it difficult to see what is happening. There are also attacks at night.

This is all happening on the Gaza/Israeli border right now.

Are you telling me the British Army would not open fire and some would be killed?

Dream on.

Read what happened on Bloody Sunday.

Graham Noble and his anti-Israel groups should be more concerned with what is happening in Syria which could tip us into a third world war if the Russian ambassador to Lebanon is right.

Steven Schrier

West Lane, Hayling Island