Labour leader Jeremy CorbynLabour leader Jeremy Corbyn
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
Watching episodes of the Labour party conference in Brighton over the past couple of days, I felt as if I was dreaming it, or that the delegates were in some sort of parallel universe.

I watched in bewilderment as members of the ‘Corbyn Cult’ went around conference carrying a badly-painted likeness of the ‘Great Leader’ (remind you of anyone?) with a halo of all things made from tinsel tacked tackily above his head.

I thought to myself, what on Earth is going on here? It certainly looked surreal, but the funniest thing of all is they were going round telling everyone who was daft enough to listen that Labour are now the adults in the room.

They could have fooled me, that’s for sure.

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We then had Momentum instructing their members via email not to support a vote on Brexit at conference, much to the dismay of about 30 Remain MPs and the Remain arm of the Corbynista, although as a committed Eurosceptic Corbyn was always going to side with the Brexit camp but he’s too sly to say it straight out, so in effect Momentum merely spared his blushes. It was probably at his behest anyway though, a sort of please get me off the hook on this Brexit thing, guys.

The real reason for the Momentum emails is because the hard left agenda of Momentum’s Labour party runs contrary to what is permissible under EU rules on state aid and the nationalisation of industry so the left cannot, whilst the UK remains in the EU, implement the Corbynomics that will surely turn the UK into the socialist workers’ paradise of their dreams and our nightmares.

But has anyone else noticed how adept Corby is at keeping his distance from any real controversy, allowing others to fire the shots to test the water for a reaction and if it’s bad he pops up later in his usual ‘just trust me manner’ to say oh no! you’ve got it all wrong, what he/she really meant was this, or that.

Still, you’ve got to hand it to him though. He takes the term ‘smoke & mirrors’ to a whole new level and with his bunch of scheming crafty trots methinks there may be trouble ahead folks.

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All those who voted to remain in the EU had better look for another white knight other than Labour because Labour party policy now mirrors that of the government, with the closest thing to an ‘Exit Brexit’ being merely a transition arrangement of some sort after March 2019, with the only difference between the two parties being how long shall we have it over, guys?

The new political clout of the far right in Germany now further disrupts the EU because they have already rebuffed Macron’s ideas on the way forward for the EU and are in fact openly hostile to the EU. But one thing’s for sure folks, if the electorate here vote in the ‘Corbyn Cult’ at the same time as we leave the EU, it will be the perfect storm, and the UK will end up going cap in hand to the IMF for another bail-out in pretty much the same way as a Labour government once did back in the 1970s.

But that’s exactly where Corbyn wants us to be, back in the 1970s and looking like something along the lines of Cuba or Corby’s great mate Modura – the dictator of Venezuela – who he still won’t condemn despite the murders of hundreds of civilian protestors who oppose his dictatorship. But hey, that’s all going to end in tears too.

T Gardiner

Carisbrooke Road