Penny Mordaunt admits she is 'bored with some aspects of politics' and warns another election is on the horizon

FORMER defence secretary Penny Mordaunt has admitted she is getting ‘bored with some aspects of politics’.

Monday, 2nd September 2019, 1:22 pm
Updated Monday, 2nd September 2019, 4:30 pm

The Portsmouth North MP made the revelation during an event in London over the weekend in which she hinted the country could face a general election ‘fairly soon’.

Speaking during a session at the Big Tent Ideas Festival in the capital, the ex-cabinet minister said: ‘I'm a political fanatic. I do this for a living and I'm bored with some aspects of politics these days.

‘So if I'm bored, God knows what it's like for most people out there.’

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Penny Mordaunt MP

Ms Mordaunt, now in her ninth year in parliament, has already fought five elections so far.

Asked if she thinks there will be a general election this year, the prominent Brexiteer said: ‘I think a lot depends on what happens over the next few weeks.

‘I think what is important though is that we – and again I tried to do this in the leadership contest and I've tried to do it in all sorts of other things – start to use those opportunities that we have, whether it's the refurbishment of parliament or whether it's general elections to start to raise the tone in politics and also do politics in a way that is much more involving and allows people to contribute more.’

Ms Mordaunt’s comments came amid a backlash over prime minster Boris Johnson’s plan to suspend parliament, which has caused uproar across the UK.

Mr Johnson said the shutting down of parliament was needed to hold a Queen’s speech, which would set out Britain’s future under his leadership.

The shut down, set to take place next Monday, would be for 25 working days, with the Queen’s speech taking place on October 14.

However, critics have said this would stop MPs being able to play their democratic part in the Brexit process in the run-up to the planned exit date of October 31.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn today insisted his party was doing everything necessary to ‘bring Britain back from the brink’ of the PM’s Brexit plans.

Mr Corbyn claimed the prime minister wanted to suspend parliament ‘because he knows his plan for a disastrous no-deal doesn't have the votes’.

‘This is an attack on democracy which will be resisted,’ he declared.