People power victory over Gosport homes plan

RESIDENTS have told of their delight after a controversial planning appeal was thrown out.

Camden Terrace in Camden Street in Gosport
Camden Terrace in Camden Street in Gosport

Gosport Borough Council’s regulatory board rejected two planning applications to convert an industrial factory in Camden Street, Gosport, into seven and then six homes in June and October respectively.

But the applicant John Bland appealed. Now that fresh bid has been rejected.

Neighbours in the street, as well as people from nearby Camden Terrace, complained the plan would cause parking problems and increase congestion.

And they felt the proposed homes to the north of the land would have no footpath, making it dangerous for children crossing the road.

Dale Fletcher, of Camden Street, said: ‘I’m very pleased with the outcome. It’s the right decision and it means no appeal for the six-house plan.

‘This is a great opportunity for the residents and the owner of the site to get around the table and find a solution’

Mike Baker, of Camden Terrace, added: ‘At last, sense has been seen by all governing bodies and people can finally stop putting too many properties on small plots of land.’

Cllr Rob Hylands, who represents the Brockhurst ward, said he would like to see houses on the site as homes are needed in Gosport, but not as many as requested.

On behalf of the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Robert Parker said: ‘The development would make inadequate provision for external amenity space, refuse storage and off street parking.

‘I’ve found that the scheme would be harmful to the character of the area. These harmful impacts would be significant, individually and they would outweigh the benefits of the scheme in terms of housing delivery.’

Applicant Mr Bland told The News he has now sold the site.

, chairman of the regulatory board, said: ‘The inspector deemed that the harmful impact of the proposed development would outweigh any benefit in terms of increased housing and relocation of the existing business.’