Pro-EU group says city sees benefits

RESEARCH by supporters of the campaign to stay in Europe shows Portsmouth benefits from £6.5m of EU investment each year.

Thursday, 24th March 2016, 6:06 am

According to Stuart Rose, chairman of Stronger In, projects to increase education and skills have been funded, increasing employment.

He said Highbury College received £253,950 to support skills for the unemployed while Learning Links was given a £1.1m grant to equip individuals with skills, confidence and motivation.

Mr Rose said: ‘People across Portsmouth are making the choice of a generation – to stay in Europe and continue to benefit from the jobs, investment and trade that membership brings, or turn our back on the world and take a leap into the unknown.

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‘The Stronger In campaign is determined to showcase the strength and variety of EU investment across Portsmouth.

‘Not only does Britain as a whole benefit from our membership, but individuals, towns and workplaces have all benefited from the funding they have received’.