REVEALED: The things you need to know about Portsmouth wheelie bin trial

MUCH has been said about the wheelie bin trial that's been rolled out on a residential estate in Portsmouth.

Sunday, 8th January 2017, 5:36 am
Updated Monday, 9th January 2017, 1:22 pm

Highbury was chosen to pilot a new way of collecting waste in the city.

The council has given residents wheelie bins for general household rubbish, part of a bid to cut down the amount of waste collected and to promote recycling.

Below are a series of questions and answers provided by Portsmouth City Council to alleviate confusion.

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Where and when do I put out the bin for collection?

Regardless of where your black bags are currently collected from, the council ask that all black rubbish bins are placed safely at the boundary of your property and on the pavement.

The crew won’t go more than a step and a reach into your property to get the bin. Please place the bin out by 7am on the day of collection, and not earlier than 7pm on the night before.

I have extra waste which can’t fit in the bin. Will it be collected?

The crew will only be collecting rubbish which is in the bin with the lid closed. Any extra waste will not be collected.

What do I do with extra rubbish? Can I get a larger bin?

The council is encouraging recycling, use of the bring banks and Green Waste Club to minimise the amount of rubbish. If after everything is fully recycled, you still have more rubbish on a regular basis, then the council says it can assess you to see if you are suitable for a larger bin.

If you would like to organise an additional bin assessment, contact (023) 9284 1105.

If you still need to get rid of rubbish, you can take it to the Portsmouth Recycling centre at Port Solent.

I haven’t got room to keep another bin. Can I still put sacks out?

Wait until the bin has arrived and then assess if it is not possible to keep a bin. If at this point you still don’t have anywhere safe to store a bin, call the council. The council will then assess the situation at your property.

What do I do with my own bin I use to store my rubbish before collection?

As this is a trial, the council would suggest that you keep hold of it until the end of the six months. The council says it will know then whether wheeled bin collections for rubbish will become a permanent fixture.

I don’t produce much rubbish. Do I still need a bin?

If you are going to put any rubbish out for collection, it needs to be in a wheelie bin. However, you only have to put the bin out for collection when you need it emptying. If you are only producing a very small amount of rubbish, consider asking a neighbour if you can put your rubbish in their bin. Be sure to ask their permission first.