On-street electric car charging is coming to Portsmouth – despite protests of residents

DISGRUNTLED members of the public could be heard shouting and clapping each other at a meeting that saw electric car charging points approved for Portsmouth.

Friday, 25th January 2019, 4:19 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 7:11 pm
Portsmouth motorists will be able to access more electric vehicle charging points

At a tumultuous traffic and transportation meeting on Thursday homeowners turned out in force to try to block plans for the 40 charging points across the city.

As a result of objections made the council’s head of transport, Councillor Lynne Stagg, agreed to remove two streets from the approved list – Shadwell Road in North End and Clarence Parade in Southsea.

But 35 points, that will be provided through either existing street lamps or additional bollards, and 33 allocated parking bays will still be implemented.

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One argument made by homeowners was that they did not receive letters about the consultation.

Bernard Timoney, of Clarence Parade, said: ‘I understand the pressure of getting it done before the funding deadline. But it seems to have been a consultation sham.

He added: ‘No one close to 12 Clarence Parade has an electric vehicle.’

St Jude representative, Cllr Hugh Mason, sent in a deputation on behalf of his ward residents. ‘The charging places must not be allowed to become long term or overnight parking places for electric cars,’ he said.

‘It should therefore become a parking offence to park a car at a point except when actually charging.’

Cllr Mason also had concerns about proposals for a point on Clarence Parade. He added: ‘I have been approached by two partially sighted people arguing that the smart cables could become a serious trip hazard.

‘Unless there is a good reason for keeping the point on the built up side of the road it would surely make sense for the post to be sited on the Common side of the road.’

One resident spoke in favour of the plans. Driving instructor Colin Martin, of Victoria Road South, said: ‘These charging points will be essential for the future of the city. I have been hoping to change my car to an electric one.’

Tor,y Cllr Simon Bosher suggested amending the plans. He said: ‘From what I have picked up on we have got three roads that are controversial – Shadwell Road, Oriel Road and Clarence Parade.

‘Is it at all possible to take them out of the traffic regulation order and proceed with all the rest? Then look at those three roads again as part of phase two.’

But Cllr Stagg resolved that only Shadwell Road and Clarence Parade needed reconsidering. ‘The reason I am saying we look at Shadwell Road again is because they didn’t get any letters. And on Clarence Parade it sounds like it would be sensible to put the points on the other side.’

Most of the cost of implementing the points, that will provisionally be in place for three years, will be covered by a £100,000 grant from government that has been secured.


Roads that will have electric vehicle charging points:

Adair Road

Adames Road

Astley Street

Balfour Road

Eastfield Road

Essex Road

Florence Road

Fordingbridge Road

Hartley Road

Havant Road

Heathcote Road

Oriel Road

Oxford Road

Posbrooke Road

Pretoria Road

Priory Crescent

Racton Avenue

St Catherine Street

St Ronan’s Road

Selsey Avenue

South Parade

Taswell Road

Henderson Road

High Street, Old Portsmouth

Hunter Road

Kensington Road

Laburnum Grove

Victoria Road North

Warren Avenue

Westbourne Road

Wimbledon Park Road