Trump v Clinton -6: Updates from Portsmouth USA

A teacher who danced an anti-Trump protest in front of her pupils is making headlines in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, as the countdown continues to the US Presidential vote.

Wednesday, 2nd November 2016, 1:21 pm
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 5:15 pm

The Portsmouth Herald reports that a Portsmouth High School teacher has been suspended after a video was distributed on social media, showing her in a classroom while dressed as Donald Trump and dancing to a song with an expletive-laden criticism of the Republican candidate.

The paper also carries a letter from reader Judy Ullman titled ‘Nasty women, vote! She says: ‘Many of us already know that in the last debate Donald Trump responded to Hillary Clinton’s challenge to his tax avoiding behavior by calling her a “nasty woman.” I’ve wondered if “nasty woman” is the modern version of “uppity women” who didn’t know their place in society or the workplace. Women who were assertive, knowledgeable, honest, unafraid, and challenging were “uppity.” Thankfully, NH brims with uppity/nasty women in leadership, and I will be voting for many of them. I’m also sticking by our Lead Nasty Woman, Hillary Clinton!’

In the Virginian-Pilot in Portsmouth, Virginia, guest columnist Michael Gerson says: The voters’ two bad choices are not equally bad.

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And in an editorial, the newpaper questions the latest FBI statement on the issue of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

It says: ‘To the bafflement of some and the delight of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, FBI Director James Comey made his way into history on Friday by leaning into the late stages of an historically contentious campaign. Justice Department tradition and common-sense prudence favor restraint at this stage of a major political contest, even if that’s been in short supply all around this year. Still, the FBI director’s letter is another extraordinary, disheartening episode in an extraordinary, disheartening campaign.’