Vegans want this historic village to change it's name '“ NATIONAL

An animal rights group want a historic village to change its name in a stand '˜against cruelty'.Â

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 24th November 2018, 8:26 am
Updated Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 4:54 pm
Stock image of a sheep.
Stock image of a sheep.

PETA wrote to Wool to ask for the council to consider change its name to '˜Vegan Wool' to '˜promote kindness to sheep'. 

With the American based animal rights group claiming that '˜sheep's wool has been shown to be a product of extreme cruelty'. 

However the Dorset village, which has a street lined with thatched cottages and a population of around 5,000, gets its name not from the fleecing sheep but from the Anglo-Saxon word Wyllon '“ meaning well or water spring.  

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Wool Parish Clerk shared the request it had received from PETA on it's Facebook page on Wednesday (November 21) asking residents for their comments. 

In the letter Elisa Allen, PETA director, wrote: '˜I'm writing on behalf of PETA with a suggestion that would put Wool in the spotlight and promote kindness to sheep: renaming the village 'Vegan Wool'. 

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'˜Why make this animal-friendly update? Unlike wool that is stolen from sheep, vegan wool is good for animals and the environment. 

'˜For example, Woocoa '“ a fibre created by innovative design students from the Universidad de los Andres in Bogota, Colombia '“ is made from hemp and coconut fibres treated with enzymes extracted from oyster mushrooms. 

'˜Other vegan yarns are made from organic cotton, banana bark and bamboo. 

'˜Sheep's wool, on the other hand, has been shown to be a product of extreme cruelty. 

'˜A recently released PETA Asia eyewitness investigation of the British wool industry revealed that shearers punched sheep in the face, stamped and stood on their heads and necks, and beat and jabbed them in the face with electric clippers.

'˜This cruelty is rampant on sheep farms all over the world: exposes by PETA affiliates of over 90 facilities on four continents have revealed that sheep are mutilated, abused and skinned alive '“ even for 'responsibly sourced' wool on so-called 'sustainable' farms. 

'˜Once sheep are no longer considered useful for wood production, they're packed onto crowded lorries and sent to abattoirs, where their throats are slit. 

'˜With a simple name change, your village can take a stand against this cruelty and remind everyone that it's easy to stay warm and be warm-hearted to sheep by choosing vegan wool and other animal-free material.' 

As an incentive for the village of Wool to rename itself, PETA also offer to provide residents with a '˜cosy, cruelty-free blanket.' 

However the odds on the name change actually happening seem to be very long. 

Parish councillor Dave Way told Sky News: '˜When we first saw the letter we thought it was an early or late April Fool's joke.

'˜We will discuss it, but a name change is highly unlikely.'