Wardens to give out black bags to litterbugs at Southsea Common this weekend

LITTERERS on Southsea Common this weekend could find themselves being publicly pointed out, as part of a plan to reduce on the amount rubbish left behind on the green.

Friday, 24th May 2019, 6:27 pm
Picture: Morten Watkins/Solent News & Photo Agency

Over the bank holiday weekend, a plan is in place for a team of wardens to go after those who choose to abandon their rubbish, rather than binning it or taking it home with them.

As well as being reminded where the bins are, individuals may also be handed a black rubbish bag to clear up their mess.

From the bank holiday weekend earlier this month, the council collected 7.5 tonnes of rubbish from Southsea Common – the same weight as a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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Picture: Morten Watkins/Solent News & Photo Agency

The council’s deputy leader, Cllr Steve Pitt, says that a seafront patrol team – which is employed for the summer months – will have an active role in clamping down on litter.

He said: ‘The seafront patrol will be carrying around black bags all weekend.

‘They will be approaching big groups and reminding them of their responsibility.

‘In some cases, they will even give them a black bag to use, if they haven’t brought one down themselves.

Plastic Free Portsmouth put together a poster after finding out how much waste was left behind at Southsea Common earlier this month. Picture: Clare Seek

‘We want to remind people that they can dispose of their rubbish quite easily – but if they can’t do that then they should take it home with them.’

Executive member for environment and transport, Cllr Dave Ashmore, says that those who left their rubbish behind last bank holiday ‘let themselves down’.

He said: ‘It’s not just a case of leaving one or two bottles behind – this added up to the same size as a dinosaur.

‘I hope that this weekend is not as bad; a lot of people were angry about the way it was left and I hope it will make people think twice this time around.

Southsea Common was trashed by visitors during the bank holiday earlier this month. Picture: Morten Watkins/Solent News and Photo Agency

‘We’ve got extra bins and the seafront wardens are in place for the summer.

‘It’s down the individual responsibility at the end of the day – so I hope those people who let themselves and the city down last bank holiday don’t do the same again.’

Cllr Ashmore says that the presence of the wardens may well be enough to put people off of littering, with hopes of a tidier common this weekend.

Southsea Common was covered in litter after one weekend in July last year Picture: Jason Buckner