WATCH: Labour activist Owen Jones rallies the party in Portsmouth

THE Labour party says it is on the front foot for the upcoming local election campaign '“ and was buoyed by the visit of a celebrity activist Owen Jones.

The outspoken left-wing speaker and writer, who has appeared on Newsnight and Question Time and writes a column for the Guardian, left voters hyped at the Unseat Portsmouth Tories event last night after calling for supporters to ‘ take down the coalition of chaos’.

Speaking at The Rifle Club, Mr Jones laid into the Conservative Party and backed Jeremy Corbyn to transform the country when he becomes Prime Minister. ‘I believe there is a genuine alternative to Tory austerity and cuts,’ he said.

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‘I’m here with amazing local candidates and campaigners who believe there is a genuine alternative to transform our communities and to invest in our services. If we knock on doors we can win and cause shock waves through the Tory machine.’

Mr Jones was cheered following his speech in which he encouraged campaigners and voters to continue the struggle for a ‘new social order’ that was not a ‘playground for bankers and tax dodgers’ but for the ‘real world creators - the working people’.