Portsmouth aquarium welcomes froglets and tadpoles

AN AFRICAN frog which hums to attract a mate has started breeding at Portsmouth's Blue Reef Aqaurium.

Friday, 24th June 2016, 6:05 am
Congo frogs have been breeding at Portsmouth's Blue Reef Aquarium

The pair of Congo frogs, which only arrived at the Southsea aquarium this year, has already spawned three times in the last four months alone.

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To date staff are looking after two froglets, 15 large tadpoles and 20 smaller ones.

They are all being cared for in quarantine tanks but staff are hoping the froglets will be able to go on public display in the next few weeks.

Hannah Butt, from the aquarium, said: ‘Despite the fact the female is almost twice the size of the male it certainly doesn’t seem to be putting either of them off. I think we can safely say they have settled in extremely well.’