Readers tell us why they love tea on National Tea Day

THERE might be coffee shops on every corner offering caramel lattes, macchiatos and cappuccinos '“ but tea is still the nation's favourite beverage.

Friday, 21st April 2017, 6:05 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:53 pm

Today is National Tea Day and all over the country people are popping on the kettle and settling down with a cuppa.

Despite the range of tea on offer, for most people the traditional brew is the way to enjoy it – and often with a slice of cake or biscuit.

We asked our readers what they love about tea and the answers ranged from the comfort it brings to the problems it can solve.

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Jane Healey posted on our Facebook page: ‘Great to enjoy with family and friends.

‘So many problems solved over a cuppa.’

Niki Sulaiman agreed. She said: ‘It solves all your problems’.

Gemma Harvey added: ‘Kettle on solves everything for sure. Therapy in a cup, and a cup and saucer on worthy occasions.’

Nathan Griggs listed a number of benefits. He said: ‘It lifts your mood, cures hangovers, quenches thirst – no better drink.’

Karen Richardson posted: ‘It can be enjoyed anytime of the day.’

Beverly Ann Weller called it ‘the elixir of life’ while Michelle Pascoe added: ‘Loves a cuppa! Hot, strong and sweet.’

All About Tea owner Andrew Gadsden said tea is right at the heart of the British psyche.

His tea business has been in Middle Street, in Portsmouth, for the past five years and celebrates everything about the drink.

Andrew said: ‘When we have a problem, the first thing we do instinctively is make a cup of tea.

‘We did it during the Blitz and we do it now.

‘Whenever we get bad news or good news, we say “let’s put the kettle on”.

‘Tea has always been a calming and soothing drink.’

Jacqui Unal, owner of Havant tearoom 19 Fourteas in West Street, agreed. She said a nice mug of tea helps people feel better.

‘People come to us from far afield because they love tea,’ she said.

‘It is a British thing, drinking tea.

‘We try to create a nice atmosphere in the tearoom and with our theme of the 1940s we get people talking to each other and relaxing with a nice cuppa.’