Rotary Club help in battle against cancer

From left, Graham Collins, Melanie Whitfield-Tinker and Ken EckersleyFrom left, Graham Collins, Melanie Whitfield-Tinker and Ken Eckersley
From left, Graham Collins, Melanie Whitfield-Tinker and Ken Eckersley
MEMBERS of Gosport Rotary Club have presented a cheque for £1,000 to help in the ongoing battle against cancer in the region.

Rotarian Graham Collins and former club president Ken Eckersley presented the cheque to Melanie Whitfield-Tinker, director at the Harbour Cancer Support Centre.

The money was part of the proceeds from the Gosport Rotary Santa Sleigh tour, which was held to raise money for a number of charities from across Hampshire.

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Harbour Cancer Support Centre aims to offer a warm, relaxing environment for anyone who has been affected by cancer to come and spend time at.

The goal is to support the patient, their families, carers and friends.

The centre has many referrals from medical professionals, as well as people who hear about our service through friends, relatives or publicity.

Colin Davey from the Gosport Rotary Club said: ‘It all came from our district collection, which included holding collections outside shopping centres from across the region.

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‘There is a lot that we are doing with the money we raised – which came to a total of £6,820.

‘For example, there is now food being put towards the local food banks; it will help to finance the Rotary Young Chef and Youth Speaks competitions for the next 12 months as well as some being donated to charities and local schools.’

Ellie Corp, the administrator at Harbour Cancer Support Centre, added: ‘We have had another extremely busy year and our services are reaching more people who need them.

‘Our services are free of charge and therefore we rely on the kind generosity and support from the community. We pass our gratitude to the Rotary Club of Gosport for the generous donation which will be used to benefit future users of our services.’

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