Save our stag beetles

Monday, 29th May 2017, 7:06 am
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:37 pm
An endangered stag beetle, pictured by Tim Meredith

SADLY stag beetles are declining across Europe and they’re now extinct in some countries.

In the southern parts of the UK they are doing much better but they still need our help.

Gardens are very important habitats, as stag beetle larvae rely on decaying wood in contact with soil to feed on.

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Gardeners can help by retaining dead tree stumps or building a log pile.

We hope to combat any further decline by asking the public to make their gardens more suitable for stag beetles.

Tips for gardeners:

n One of the major problems facing stag beetles is a lack of rotting wood to lay eggs in or near, and for larvae to feed on.

By creating a log pile you can provide stag beetles with a habitat for the future.

n Leave old stumps and dead wood alone, as these provide the perfect habitat and also a food supply.

n Be vigilant when mowing your lawn and be alert for predators.

Try and scare away magpies and keep your own pets indoors during warm evenings when stag beetles are flying.

Also, make sure any open water has an exit point, and if you see a dead-looking beetle in water take it out – they often revive!

n Let PTES know where you’ve spotted a stag beetle via the Great Stag Hunt!

Sightings are key to finding out where populations are thriving, in need of help, or non-existent.

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